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Why Join?

The Benefits of Joining GEA

Why Join the GEA?

The Global Events Alliance has 3 main objectives:

  1. Share information within the group
  2. Help members expand their brands globally
  3. Provide opportunities to participate in consolidated member asset/enterprise auctions

Global Information Sharing

We are all busy, and for many of the day to day issues that we have Google isn't the answer.  What better than to be able to reach out to like-minded management from similar companies from around the world.  Our chat-service means you can talk to fellow members whenever an issue you would like to discuss comes up.  The more members we have, the deeper the talent pool of answers!

GEA will allow individual members to share information amongst the group on best practices and markets (geographical and business/consumer) they serve. The information can either be shared via one-on-one conversations, or global webinars. There is also an opportunity to physically meet globally at the various industry conferences held annually. Members will have full access to the community and will be able to access corporate profiles of individual members complete with contact information. Members are encouraged to attend at least one industry GEA event per year.

Global Branding

Your ideas are great, but you only have time to look in your own back yard, when the whole world could benefit from your creativity.  The GEA offers you access to fellow members, with many similar businesses looking for growth opportunities.  A ready made list of global prospects.

Members with strong local brands have an opportunity to expand those brands globally through the GEA network.

Members can either look for partnership opportunities with other members around the world, use other local member services, or access host country market intelligence.

Consolidated Auctions

We all hear of huge multiples being paid by Private Equity for event organizers.  GEA will work with its members to see whether there is an opportunity to roll up a selection of businesses on a regular basis to provide the critical size so often required by PE.

GEA members will be able to either roll-up member assets/enterprises into a single global auction annually, or members with synergies may choose to do a selective offering within an industry group.

Offerings that are combined will be able to command higher multiples based on the cumulative financial strength of the assets/businesses.